Friday, 4 May 2012

LANA DEL REY: It had to happen

I remember once swearing to myself that I would never get over the hatred I have for this bitch, especially after watching all those crazy Youtube videos of her failing at music and all those stupid pictures of her with her puffed-out pout on Tumblr. Dumbass spoiled brat. 

But then, something weird happened. I downloaded her album, listened to the entire thing, and proceeded to fall deeply, deeply in LOVE with Lana Del Rey (or Lizzy, as I like to call her). Here is a small portion of my Lana <3 collection, just look how beautiful/cool she is. Also, maybe listen to her album before you bash this bitch?

I've noticed that Lana likes to die a lot. See below...

Luckily she always has some hunky rebel to save her. 

I've also noticed that she likes to open her mouth a lot. Maybe those huge lips obstruct her breathing? Maybe she gets "sexy" and we don't?

She's weird like that.

She's lesbian like that?

She clearly supports the D.A. (Les get real yo)

She totally has the correct celebrity friends. Well Done Lan's!

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