Wednesday, 23 May 2012


SWIMMING is one of the best things that you can do as a person. Getting naked, wet and flailing your limbs around like a crazy, slippery wormy-thing. Kind of like how tonight's new party is going to be...

This new bi-monthly party will be held at the lush and intimate Julep Cocktail bar (around the corner from Mojitos) and is hosted by three very handsome and relevant men in Cape Town:

Aaron- Manager of Bateleur and Christian Tiger School/serial romantic

Chad- Master of disguise and a truly dashing gentleman

Matt- Father of Young Supreme and a weedhead/toy fanatic

Some celebrities who like to SWIM (and who would totally be at SWIM tonight if they could)

Naomi and Kate love water fights!

Marilyn swims in the nude!

Never too gangster for the beach!

Kate likes to swim with her clothes on...

And off!! (Naughty/slutty)

Lana Del Rey loves to drown (Don't be like her please)

This party is only TEN FUCKING RAND. And the line-up times for tonight are as follows:



0000-0200- ZNCA ZNKA

Check out the event page here and see you there!!

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