Sunday, 6 May 2012


Today is the beautiful, tall, funny, loud, hyper-intelligent, super-stylish and slightly scary Na'ama Tsalik's Birthday. Happy 22nd to Na'ama!

She is one third of the Crazy Bitches and she definitely puts the crazy into our name. She is constantly abused by her degree, but still manages to be a party queen, never far from her many admirers. This sounds really lame, but it's true I swear! Na'ama really is that amazing. 

Right now she is in the middle of the Karoo Desert, with her architecture class, having the time of her life. 
I Love You! 
This is from Fani.

P.S. Birthday Posts are the new Birthday Cards?

uNa'ama Wena in Durban looking sweet as fuck x

Na'ama on her 21st getting real with a dog.

My best friends acting like prostitutes (Na'ama's on the right)

Looking cool.

Na'ama as a Russian Mob Wife

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