Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Parks and Recreations

For all those of you who like me might have gotten completely addicted to this show, and the greatest fictional character EVER created; RON SWANSON, here are some GIFs to fulfill your addiction. If you want more, click here and here and here. Sadly they have not announced the fifth season yet, but it WILL come. 

Here are some fun facts about Ron Swanson:

1. despises talking to members of the public
2. only cried once in his life, when hit by a bus at the age of seven
3. secretly plays the saxophone under the name Duke Silver and has released albums named Memories of Now, Smooth and silver and Hi Ho Duke.
4. describes fishing as "like yoga except i still get to kill something"
5. professional athletes Steffi Graf and Sheryl Swoopes are among his ideal women (seriously go check them out)

Can't really deal with how romantic it's all gotten!

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