Saturday, 26 May 2012


The night started off with a shoot/pre-party at Fabi's flat. A rather interesting but nonetheless AWESOME shoot heading your way soon! Here are some preview shots, courtesy of Ane and her magical photobooth <3

Then we were all treated to a screening of Jane, Chloe and Isa's new short film, coming very soon to a blog near you! Here's a sneak preview:

Then we partied with Oprah at The waiting Room. It was a truly life-changing event and everyone got to live their best lives, many times over. People were crazy and we danced the night away, thanks to DJ RAFI!!!

Gia the tiger bombshell

Ali is a perfect human being x

Patrick and his perfect fucking face.

Marianne and Jabu = Mabu!

Isa getting wildly fierce with Martin from Less Than Three

Isa and Fani putting their FREE GIFTS in their mouths

Happy Birthday Michaela!



Fani meeting her slave- an emotional moment!

Why is Andre so perfect and the best?

Fan love!

Chi-Chi Sickening

  Ane is Dreamy...

Fabi is Dreaming...

Freaking out over RAFI

Matt Hichens wearing his newest T-shirt from CWB

<3 All photos courtesy of Man-Hunk Paul Ward <3

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